Mad Greens

Drupal Website Development Project

The redesigned Mad Greens website has been built in Drupal to provide the flexibility and customisation the rapidly growing restaurant chain required. We’ve especially emphasised on creating a smooth user experience by packing the website with great functionality such as quick calorie check on each food item and easy to use nutrition calculator. As MAD Greens is opening restaurants in three new states, it was important to create a localised experience so that customers can access the menu according to their location.

For MAD Greens, metrics are incredibly important and they are watched closely, therefore, we facilitated this on the backend so that site administrators can easily check live results on the site activity. The dashboard pages are very intuitive, easily customisable by the admins which allows MAD Greens to add and edit content with ease. The new website has shown an increase in traffic and delivered positive results which means that Mad Greens is a happy and satisfied Drupal user.

The new site is built around a series of pages full of immersive media and its responsive design maximises the visual impact of the MAD Greens experience. The interactive nutrition calculator creates a perfect user experience for the calorie aware customer and the localised content is the perfect way to unlock visitor growth.

Overall, working with MAD Greens has been fantastic and we are excited to have created such strong relationship with them.