Rune Tea

Design & Development Project

Rune Tea has been an incredibly exciting project from a design point of view. This is the first packaging we've created and we are incredibly pleased to see how loved and well received has been. Creating a new online presence is our main expertise, but Rune Tea helped us get to a new level and get comfortable with branding too. Rune Tea wanted their tea website to be as minimal as possible, with huge, beautiful imagery and important information about all types of teas. They wanted all their customers to be able to learn and enjoy the history of tea, but also be able to purchase really high quality products. They are currently selling on different channels such as Amazon and Etsy, but we are in the process of transforming their HTML5 beauty into a wonderful Drupal commerce full of awesome features, great functionality and quick and easy checkout process. The current layout created by our designer allows us to make Rune Tea super responsive and awesome looking on any tablet and phone. Branding Rune Tea has been very rewarding and we are very excited with all the positive feedback received. We cannot wait to commence our Drupal development and make everyone else fall in love with Rune Tea's new ecommerce site.