42droids Projects Becky The Traveller Logo Design


Becky The Traveller is a solo female website which empowers young women to pursue their love for the outdoors. Becky, the voice behind Becky The Traveller is an established British travel writer and photographer with a passion for real adventures. Since 2008 she totted 40 countries across all continents. As an experienced traveller, Becky created her website to attract a community of like-minded individuals.


Becky wanted to tell several stories to her target audience through the means of her logo. As a strong female voice, our client didn’t want to simply be known as “Becky” but as “Becky The Travellers”, the independent solo adventurer who loves the outdoors and is fearless when it comes to hiking challenges. Although Becky is outdoors focused, her current design is far from neutral or masculine colours usually associated with wilderness. Becky is strongly drawn by pink and purple hues which remind her audience that adventures and femininity can beautifully blend together.


Brand patronage originates from the product but loyalty is preserved through core values. Audiences love amazing brands because of what great ideas stand for. Becky’s mission statement was clear: to empower women to follow their inner spirit of adventure. As such, Becky’s readers weren’t just young women interested in a new narrative, but fearless, independent women interested in being part of a community which holds the same values.


Once we received the brief from Becky, we started developing the logo design concept. We wanted to integrate Becky's love for the outdoors, whilst using a fun font and bright colours. The creative team started sketching out ideas for the logo, with the main focus for the graphic being Becky’s previous hiking experience. As a fearless traveller with an appetite for adventure, we wanted the logo to incorporate a mountain silhouette under the starry night.

Colour wise, purple and blue seemed appropriate choices, especially given the current palette available on Becky’s live website. Combining both these colours concepts with subtle gradient transitions and shading helped boost the impact of the graphics and its 3d appearance. The next stop was to make the background appear as a paint brush texture whilst preserving the colours. This is where our creative team moved from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Photoshop.

The final logo was developed into a few variations such as being reversed out of a dark background and reproduces using a single colour for specific circumstances.