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For the past 25 years, Chatham has been one of Britain's leading lifestyle footwear brands. The brand started with quality and durable boat and sailing shoes and recently expanded to outdoor and country footwear. Chatham is about comfort, functionality and durability, combining craftsmanship with innovation and fashion.

Here is how we brought Chatham’s philosophy to life and delivered directly to its target audience.


Chatham, a leading shoe manufacturer in the UK, was utilising an outdated website that fell short of doing its products justice. The Chatham required a creative touch which could not be achieved within the existing site. We helped Chatham flourish at retail and drove online sales without risking any channel partnerships.

Chatham front


The result of our comprehensive site audit revealed a serious need for a new visual identity in order for Chatham to better showcase and sell its beautiful products.


To help support Chatham’s business goals, we initiated a comprehensive site redesign, developing a whole new platform to enable Chatham’s users to quickly find the right product for their individual needs. We used Magento as an e-commerce platform and custom developed various modules to support a modern marketing content. The Chatham new responsive redesign combines a top-notch user experience with an elegant neutral colour theme palette directed at a more sophisticated target audience. Our team developed an SEO framework specifically optimised for ways in which consumers can identify the product category for their needs whilst keeping the site SEO friendly despite the dynamic nature of the search options.

Chatham iPad

We worked with the in-house marketing team to revamp all analytics tracking so Chatham can find and report results more accurately.

For a better user experience, we created a short and sweet user journey which take the user from a landing page straight to the checkout process.

Chatham sought a more visually expressive online site for its brand so we helped create the right design elements which were developed into the site to attract users via interactive subtle, cues. As a large percentage of Chatham’s users come from mobile, our developers ensured the site’s responsive design looks fantastic and functions perfectly across all mobile devices. We understand Chatham’s brand and business goal, hence the e-commerce site features a clear path to purchase. Brand patronage may originate from the product, but loyalty is preserved through values, hence we wanted to outline the Chatham heritage through beautiful visuals and clear navigation. The new Chatham e-commerce was speedy, well optimised and robust, to further outline the core of the mission statement of its brand: quality, durability and aesthetics.

Chatham iPhone

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