42droids Projects David on Divorce


David on Divorce is a legal website run by David, a UK based barrister who specialises in matrimonial finance cases. With a great deal of professional experience, David wanted to create a great niche website with a focus on informative videos and articles which explain how the process of divorce works.


David on Divorce was initially just a concept and David had no previous experience running a website. Determined to break into the legal market with a new niche, the success of the new website launch rested solely on digital channels without support from traditional media.


The market had already become saturated with information-heavy websites, so the novelty of having a new niche site had already been covered by other competitors and non-profit organisations. However, by targeting a unique audience through the means of creative videos, David could easily engage with his consumers.


To understand how to bring David on Divorce to life, we had to first analyse the initial concept, do our research and create relevant personas. In understanding David’s target audience, we could engage in a digital-driven launch campaign. Whilst our creatives worked on developing a sleek branding and identity for David on Divorce, our drupal developers began the creation of an intuitive, easy to use and fully responsive website. With design concepts based on solid, researched strategy, the creative team was able to put together a professional look for David on Divorce that encourages visitors to browse through the website and locate specific information with ease.

Drupal was used because of its low-cost entry point and modular architecture which creates the perfect foundation for media and information heavy websites. Being stable and secure, Drupal could meet the site requirements whilst keeping options open for added new functionality in the future. Our goal was to develop an essential tool for David to upload up-to-date legal resources which are a one-stop information portal for people interested in clear information about the process of divorce in England and Wales. As David was new to managing the back-end of the site, our Drupal developers provided a user-friendly backend solution so all non-technical staff could manage the site without any further support.