42droids Projects #ljojlo


Australian couple Lauren and Jarrad founded their travel blog in March 2015. Both teachers by trade, they shared a passion for new travelling experiences and realised there is a need for inspirational and fun couple’s guides. With over 27 countries under their belt, the dynamic duo is now an expert on understanding the nitty gritty that goes into travel planning.  


Both have full-time jobs and interested in spending any spare time travelling, it became difficult for Lauren and Jarrad to also run a full-time travel blog. They saw an opportunity to be more targeted and develop extensive SEO skills so their traffic never tanks, even during busy personal periods.  


A thorough site audit revealed that Hashtag Ljo Jlo has several areas of improvement which needed to be tackled rather sooner than later. With a few technical tweaks and more focus to writing optimised articles, the couple’s site was in a great position to increase a number of organic hits.


Having visited unique and sought after destinations, such as Antarctica, it became obvious that Hashtag Ljo Jlo had what it took to establish itself as an authority in the travel blogging industry. We conducted a comprehensive site audit and we uncovered few technical errors which usually hinders search engines from serving the content as a result. We analysed the target audience and conducted several tests from various areas around the globe to further understand the site’s speed and usability.

Our technical analysis went on to decipher every single page for various errors or convoluted code. We included every solution in our recommendation report so both Lauren and Jarrad would know exactly what to address first, in order of priority. Our marketing team went on to analyse the current SEO status for the site and the amount og organic traffic the site received on a monthly basis. We created a list with articles in need of immediate attention, alongside an actionable business plan on how to tackle future articles for optimum results.