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In the food sector, it’s essential to present customers with awesome choices to self-differentiate from competitors. MAD Greens is about fresh, fast and healthy meals available at decent prices, targeted towards the average American consume. As the US audience has been shifting towards health-conscious diets, MAD Greens’ co-founders Marley Hodgson and Dan Long saw a great opportunity in becoming pioneers of a fast-casual salad category. With a unique mission statement driven by their tag line: “Eat Better” MAD Greens expanded quickly to now over 30 restaurants across 4 states.


When MAD Greens approached 42droids, they had an outdated visual website built in WordPress which was too inflexible for the business needs. Every aspect of MAD Greens digital communication needed to balance targeted goals with inspiring storytelling that defines the brand. In the ever fresh food business, consumers need to distinguish the brand from all other options. We needed to strengthen MAD Greens position in the minds of target customers and provide the team with a new, flexible and robust website to enable content editors to keep the website fresh.   

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MAD Greens is about making better meal decisions and helping their customer become health conscious. What started as an idea, quickly became a healthy revolution in 2004. MAD Greens started in Colorado and has grown to be a leader in both the region and the category.


We developed a series of digital solutions which help communicate MAD Greens messages to its target audience. The first change we made to the MADgreen site was the CRM used. As per the team’s request for a modular website, which is flexible, secure and robust, we orchestrated the migration of the entire MAD Greens to Drupal. Our fully responsive new website redesign combines a streamlined user experience with an immersive, media-heavy look to better target the desired audience. Our study revealed the core stimuli that drive purchase decision is the ability to visually explore the product. As such, our creative team decided to use impactful visual media to showcase the healthy, freshly made products available to customers across 34 stores.

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To establish a foundation for the MAD Greens brand we looked into the brand research with behavioural data from digital and social channels. We quickly realised there was a lack of resource for shoppers to use a nutritional calculator when it comes to online restaurants.

Our adaptive design integrates all digital platforms, whilst enabling the MAD Greens content creators to communicate with the target audience via freshly created articles. The newly redesigned site accommodates unlimited scalability and the custom-built landing pages are included to tell the larger stories, like new product launches, popular favourites and promotions.

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