42droids Projects Miranda Knudston Logo


Miranda is a US-based traveller in search of new experiences. A true adrenaline craver, Miranda is also down to Earth as she understands how the world of travelling is prone to misadventures. She is on a mission to complete her own ultimate adventure bucket list whilst keeping her readers updated with information-heavy articles which explore the realities of travels. 


Although a travel blogger at core, Miranda branded her website by using her full name. Miranda wanted her new logo to represent the travel theme, whilst keeping the branding intact. Although we settled on the creation of a travel related logo, Miranda clearly wanted to stay away from any cliches such as planes, iconic landmarks or globes. Colour-wise Miranda seemed very drawn to blue or green to express her passion for the outdoors and the need for adrenaline-prone adventures she loves so much. 


A thorough brand exploration revealed an outmoded branding and rigid design. As Miranda is clearly a strong female figure who not only is fearless but also determined, it became clear to us that a new visual identity could propel Miranda’s travelling brand to connect with a wider, more inspired audience. 


Not wanting to settle for an overuse travel element, our creative team thought of Miranda’s responsible approach towards her readers: to showcase the realities of the travelling world as opposed to crafting picture perfect material. It became obvious that Miranda was treating all her readers as fellow friends, to whom she corresponds throughout her journeys. This is when our team concluded that a postal stamp would be an ideal logo candidate. Stamps make us think of travelling tales whilst we know we only receive letters from people we love. 
We started by sketching the stamp outlines and introducing MK as initials in the stamp. We continued by adding Miranda’s full name cutting through her initials, as we wanted to preserve the original branding which loyal readers could recognise. 
We played with fun and formal fonts until we reached the right balance. We settled on a sans serif font for the initials whilst formally introducing Miranda Knudtson in a beautiful, serif font. 
Miranda’s passion for both blue and green inspired us to blend the two together and create a gradient for the interior of the stamp.