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Photo Jeepers needed help navigating the digital and social landscape in order to keep their photography inspired website relevant in a world increasingly dominated by modern online experiences. Our answer was to create an in-depth site audit and a completely new branding and identity, alongside a shiny new visual design.


With a rapid ascent of online travel photography websites, Photo Jeepers found itself needing to induce its audience to rediscover the joy of emotional connection through the means of outstanding visuals combined with useful information. Photo Jeepers wanted to target a new audience segment than its competitors, in order to drive more subscription opt-ins and ultimately, sales.


David and Jamie are a husband and wife team who live in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their insatiable passion for travel and photography led them to create Photo Jeepers, a travel website with a unique, sought-after niche: US National Parks.


Photo Jeepers was utilising an outdated Wordpress website that fell far short of doing its beautiful photography justice. The brand required a high-end touch that could be achieved by focusing on creating a new logo and identity, creative design and flexible, functional and mobile responsive website.

Our marketing team started by understanding the target audience and its new shift towards outdoors lovers with disposable income and a passion for photography. Together with an in-depth site audit, we analysed the branding, creative and technical aspects which were in serious need of improvement. To help support Photo Jeeper’s brand and business goals, we initiated a comprehensive site redesign. As the clients were already accustomed with the Wordpress backend, we developed their new site on the same platform to better showcase their photography. Through our new user journey, we aimed to enable users to quickly identify the right visual story of interest right from the start. Easy to use, intuitive and elegant, Photo Jeepers was ready to start implementing new marketing techniques to increase their loyal audience and build a community sharing the same interests.

Our team proposed new innovative ideas on how to capture more subscribers and how to further optimise their existing articles. SEO ready, visually immersive and incredibly flexible for content editors, Photo Jeepers was able to connect with its target audience and attract a greater deal of social and organic traffic.