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The modern bride has an endless amount of fashion options. During our research phases, we learned that women will choose their wedding shoes based on individual styles and comfort. This presented a unique opportunity for Rainbow Club, a UK-based wedding shoe manufacturer, known for its handmade, custom coloured shoes. Rainbow Club was ready to break into the online e-commerce market and offered us a clear directive: to revitalise the way their site looked like, moving from an online portfolio site to a Magento e-commerce.


Focused solely on selling products through stockists, Rainbow Club needed to make a big impact in the bridal shoe market. With a brand new e-commerce site, an intuitive to use admin interface to allow editors to keep the site up to date and a fantastic SEO framework so the right target audience is reached, 42droids began its mission to help Rainbow Club shine among and outrun its already established competitors.

Rainbow Club Front


To understand the brand, we conducted research through various shops in the UK. We wanted to understand what drives and motivates a bride in her purchasing decision. How could we create an emotional connection between Rainbow Club and the bride-to-be? We built personas which served as the foundation for all creative and messaging strategy for Rainbow Club.


Our creative team focused on ways to bring Rainbow Club’s most important messages to life: quality and comfortable bridal shoes and hand-coloured occasion shoes for the rest of the wedding party. We wanted Rainbow Club to be daring and showcase its unique features through imagery and SEO ready landing pages to help brides on a journey towards the purchasing button.

The new Rainbow Club experience led our developer to the creation of a robust Magento site as an e-commerce solution. We ensured all content editors have a flexible and easy-to-use back-end admin interface so the site can be kept up-to-date, upload new key messages and new line of products on a quarterly basis.

Rainbow Club Mac

The new fully responsive Magento site not only combines a sublime user experience but also enjoys an elegant palette which appeals to Rainbow Club’s key audience: the bride to be.

With a variety of lifestyle images, Rainbow Club could showcase the importance of product quality, comfort and superior craftsmanship, whilst enabling its customers to see how the products will come to life on the wedding day.

With a unique selling point, we wanted to focus on the Colour Studio functionality on the Magento site, to further showcase how Rainbow Club hand colours shoes and the variety of options a bride and its party has.

The Colour Studio is an interactive page where the user can visualise the perfect pair of shoe in a unique colour. Whether this is created for the bride, bridesmaids or the mother of the bride, Rainbow Club ensures the specific colour is perfectly transferred to the satin shoes from a small piece of material, so no colour aberration can occur.

Rainbow Club iPad

To further enhance the bridal journey, Rainbow Club assures its customers they don’t just purchase a wedding shoe, but they are buying into authenticity, as every shoe is handmade with the highest materials to ensure extreme comfort on the day. We wanted to outline that each Rainbow Club shoe has a beautiful blue crystal attached to it, not only as a mark of authenticity but to offer the bride the “something blue”.

With such variety of message, our team developed an SEO framework, to deliver great shopping experience which shortens the conversion funnel.

The Rainbow Club new digital present enabled customers to connect with the brand more quickly and efficiently.

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