42droids Projects Rainbow Club Microsite


Rainbow Club has been designing, making and colouring satin wedding and occasions shoes since 1986. With over 600 stockists, Rainbow Club established itself as a leading and inspirations brand. Rainbow Club is not your ordinary bridal shoe manufacturer, as each pair of shoes is handmade using finest materials. When purchasing a Rainbow Club product, customers are buying exclusivity, comfort and glamour.


Rainbow Club was on a mission to educate businesses from all around the world on their product quality and craftsmanship. Despite Rainbow Club’s solid core community, the lack of brand expression and consistency across Europe proved a small hindrance to further business acquisition.


With a vast visual portfolio and an incredible array of lifestyle imagery, we know people will love Rainbow Club products the moment they saw them. By using a multi-language portfolio website, Rainbow Club was in a unique position to communicate its core values to companies all across Europe.


With two different audiences, we were certain that Rainbow Club requires a new portfolio site through which they can communicate directly to businesses from all across Europe. Not only we designed the visual experience but we created an all-new content management system as an intuitive and easy to use editorial site. The visual content demanded a highly flexible digital platform to enable rapid deployment. Our Drupal Developers created a customised site which allows the client to manage and edit nearly everything within the site, including its rich navigation.

Being after a visually expressive online presence to captivate its B2B audience, we helped Rainbow Club create interactive visual elements, features which have been quickly embraced by their users. Fully responsive, the new Drupal website offered extensive flexibility for further editorial and visual changes, as well as added functionality.