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Bintu Hardy is a UK based recipe developer and a food stylist who loved colours, flavours and a dash of spice. Surrounded by beautiful English countryside and inspired by her African grandmother’s love for cooking, Bintu is on a mission to get people to cook traditional and fusion recipes. She started her foodie journalistic journey back in 2012 and has been featured by huge media outlets including the Guardian, The Kitchen and Morrison’s Magazine.

Here’s how we helped Recipes from a Pantry drive more traffic to the website.


Recipes from a pantry, an original food blog, was utilising outdated marketing techniques that fell short of doing its content any justice. Bintu and her mouthwatering recipe website required a site audit and an in-depth one-to-one consultancy session to give the needed push to acquire more hassle-free traffic.


A thorough site audit and brand exploration revealed several articles which were under performing. A few technical updates and a focused content on keywords appealing to the right target audience were seen as an opportunity to create a deeper emotional connection and increase the amount of organic hits.


With an impending leap forward in recipe improvements, it was clear that Bintu’s Recipes from a pantry had the potential to become a committed, recognizable brand. The website’s clear mission was to share traditional and modern values with its readers. Our marketing team quickly dived into analysing Bintu’s website. The site audit provided key information about technical errors which could hinder articles from being served as viable results on various search engines. The results explored general points about the current status of the website and its online presence, as well as looking at the site’s speed. We test the speed only after a full analysis of the target audience, to ensure the results are relevant based on the server location. We checked Bintu’s mobile experience and usability, before diving into the technical side of the audit which uncovered all areas of improvement. Our technical analysis goes through each individual page and outlines issues which could deter search engines from promoting the site as an organic response to user’s queries. Finally, our marketing team analysed the current search engine optimisation status, by reading various articles, understanding the site’s personas and checking the current keyword popularity in Bintu’s webmaster tools.

The final results have been emailed to Bintu’s email and were discussed during a two-hour consultancy session. This is where we showed Bintu how to better utilise various search engine tools to drive organic traffic to her website.