42droids Projects Trainspotters


For much of the past decade, Trainspotters has simply been known as the UK industrial lighting company. Their unusual name has railway related origins, going back to the time when co-founder Jesse Carrington would enjoy a daily train commute in London. Initially salvaging train luggage racks and industrial lighting, Trainspotters have slowly introduced a range of their own remakes of classic vintage designs. Their ideas and techniques have been received with much interest, as they soon had renowned customers such as Jamie Oliver and the producers of X Men First Class. As the years went by, Trainspotter became an international supplier of vintage lighting for many bars, restaurants and residences all across the world.


Although Trainspotters was unique a few years back, other competitors have taken notice of their success and entered the market. In the interior design business, top of minds is critical is the customers can distinguish your brand from all other options. Trainspotters had a clear directive: growth by strengthening the brand’s position in the minds of target consumers, through the means of a new website redesign and added e-commerce functionality.


A portfolio website which showcases products without the option to purchase online can easily be seen as an outdated, rigid platform. Together with outmoded visual design, Trainspotters was faced with the inability to showcase and sell their beautiful products effectively.


Better customer experience means better conversion rate, so we wanted to focus on high visual customisation for the new Trainspotters website. What initially started as a conversation for a few technical tweaks, quickly became a comprehensive site redesign alongside discussions on how we can better showcase products and attract buyers.

Given the target audience for Trainspotters, it became clear that we should employ Scandinavian visual queues to promote the sleek interior design products the website.

42droids orchestrated the migration of the entire shop experience a new fully managed hosting environment. Our developers created the Drupal e-commerce functionality designed to support a more modern content. The new Trainspotters fully responsive web design combines a streamlined user experience with an elegant theme geared towards a more creative based target audience.

Our unique vertical carrousel on the Trainspotters product pages was a new creative approach to an overused design technique. This was in line with the Trainspotters products, an innovative series of lighting and interior meant to transform the boring into extraordinary.

For quick and easy checkout, our Drupal developers used Stripe and PayPal Express integrations, enabling users to enjoy a seamless purchasing process.