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Viecure is driven by its mission statement – “Disrupt cancer by shifting the power balance from the disease to patients with a revolutionary solution that provides genomic-based personalized treatment options and expert knowledge for both patients and providers.” While that message resonated with their existing core audience of health providers, the company wanted help connecting to patients as well.

Here’s how we brought Viecure’s philosophy to life and delivered it directly to health providers and cancer patients all across the country.


Viecure not only wanted to reach a new audience, they also wanted to work towards a larger goal - to change the relationship cancer patients have with the treatment they receive. With their PrecisionPlan™, Viecure aims to generate patient-specific precision medicine treatment plans to improve clinical decision-making, reduce costs and promote ongoing survivorship plans.

How could we create a website which communicated Viecure’s mission statement to both healthcare providers and patients?


Once we saw Viecure’s branding and identity, we immediately imagined a new website design which will be colour-divided for healthcare professionals and patients. We just had to find a way to be consistent and promote the right messages to the right audience.

Cancer patients need to be empowered and provided with the right information in order to be able to win the fight. Health Providers need the right tools to create actionable, personalised treatment plans. The new website would aim to educate both audiences on the importance of comprehensive precision treatment plans.  

Finally, cancer is a sensitive subject which has an unparalleled impact on the patient and family members. We wanted to get people to have access to and understand the latest research through an up-to-date media room available to all website visitors.


We created a responsive experience for Viecure to appeal to two different audiences. We used the power of colour coding to communicate to Viecure’s target audience, as well as its stakeholders. Elevating a brand requires storytelling that builds its value. For Viecure it meant crafting a journey that facilitates engagement and that’s exactly what our creative team and drupal developers did.

Website Redesign

The redesign of Viecure transformed a simple website initially aimed at healthcare professionals into a modern, responsive and fully flexible Drupal website with an extensive audience. The new information heavy design uses the power of colour to address a different audience and to drive the right consumers towards purchase.

The creative team used the already familiar Viecure colours to transform them into new core messages of the brand. Purple, Orange and Red were selected to communicate with the target audience, based on carefully considered colour psychology.

In addition to the new elegant aesthetic, the website revamped navigation features and improved on the user experience to make the user journey intuitively simple.

Why Drupal

The Drupal node concept was a great fit for Viecure, a website with an array of articles and content type. Led by a team of professionals, Viecure needed a multi-user admin tool to enable seamless content creation, editing and maintenance.

We understood that Viecure will continue to grow, and since Drupal core is modular, it offered us the flexibility to extend on new modules and functionality as we go along.

As part of the Drupal development, our technical team used both panels and paragraphs.

Panels are a drag and drop content manager which allows a site admin to create a variety of layouts for multiple users.

Drupal paragraphs are a fantastic way to enable content creators to have more editing power. Working closely with the content and creative teams our Drupal developers built a variety of sleep paragraphs for Viecure editors to be able to quickly and efficiently change the look of the page. Paragraph items can be used as many times as needed and can be re-arranged in any order deemed necessary by content creators and backend-users. By using panels and paragraphs we empowered the Viecure team to get creative and keep the media room exciting and interactive for their target audience.