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Branding & Identity

Great branding adds immeasurable value to your company and is an effective strategy through which you show your customers what they can expect from your products or services. Beyond a good logo design, branding shapes the perception of your company, reputation and advertisements. Fantastic branding sets you wide apart from your competitors.


  • User-Centered Design
  • UX Design
  • Personas
  • Logo Creation
  • Visual Elements
  • Sketch App
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Design
  • Prototyping
  • Connected Branding
  • Service Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Versatile Branding Strategy
  • Graphic Design

Website Design

When your potential customers find your website, you need the right visual communication tools to establish trust and credibility. Having the right website design which is effective for your brand is an important factor in promoting your business and marketing your products. A solid website design works to provide a smooth user experience while showcasing your branding and increases conversion.

Ecommerce Design

Your website must be entirely tailored and customised for its target audience. It should aim to provide a positive user experience to keep your customers loyal and satisfied. A great UX design anticipates your user’s needs, serves a fantastic user experience and provides a seamless checkout process. The results are customer satisfaction, increased sales, and repeat buyers.

From Why? How? What? to the next best brand

Every founder of every successful business came up with a revolutionary idea which transformed a light bulb moment into an epic brand. We help you shape your idea from sketch to reality. We guide you through the process of determining your mission statement, purpose and vision, the three core elements which differentiate you from the competition.

WHY? (Purpose) - WHY is your business going to make a difference?

HOW? (Mission) - HOW will your business achieve its goal? The mission is there to drive you. The mission statement is what you do to accomplish your purpose and how you are different from others out there.

WHAT? (Vision) - WHAT is your business goal? Your mission is your vision in action, connecting your purpose with your impact. Your vision statement is where you want to be in the distant future.

Getting to the heart of your target consumer means taking time to understand their needs and likely behaviours. For this, we implement a variety of techniques such as contextual inquiry, advanced analytics and persona creation throughout the design process.

This, in turn, help us ensure that your branding and identity strongly appeals to the right audience through colours, messages and statements. We employ behavioural observation and analysis in each project to helps us better understand user needs and design challenges.


When bringing a new product to life, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative process. Your product is relevant to a narrow segment of the population and we want to ensure that your vision reaches the best results on the fastest path. We are here to help your product evolve beyond its original exploration. We found that persona research is of utmost importance. This helps shape your company’s decision process, UX, branding and identity.

Elements of a persona

  • A person's goals on your website/service/product
  • A person's motivations for using it
  • A person's current pain points or frustrations
  • Some demographic data such as age/location/sex
  • A short bio about their background
  • A person's technical ability along with which devices they use and how often
  • Other brands or websites they may like (your competitors for example)


Strategic branding is paramount. You want your brand name, logo, styling and all visuals to construct a positive brand image which appeals to your target audience. The right branding & identity engages the creative strategy which builds a rapport with the target consumer. To be successful, the brand must strive to achieve consistency across all relevant online and offline channels.


The identity of your brand is made up of many visual elements, including a logo, products and packaging and marketing collateral. Anything visual which represents the brand has to be carefully considered and beautifully consistent. The visual identity of the brand is there to connect your audience with the core message and branding of your company.

Each identity is unique and relevant to the brand in question. The identity is created based on the core mission, purpose and vision which drives the company to success. Identities target the audience discovered through the persona exercises. An effective brand identity is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and consistent.