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Ecommerce Development

To succeed, your ecommerce business must target the right audience and have a website designed specifically to fit your customer’s needs. For every product you want to sell, there is an ideal buyer. Our job is to create the perfect website which maximises sales.

Based on your end goals, we provide you with all the various options so you can choose the right ecommerce platform. This can be a confusing process, and our experts are here to guide you at each step of the way.


  • Drupal Commerce 7.x, 8.x
  • Magento 1, 2
  • Custom Module Development
  • Analytics, Conversion, GTM
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Payment System Integration
  • ERP System Integration
  • Stock & Order Management
  • API Integrations
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Frontend optimisation


Together, we will discuss your business plan to fully understand your vision. Your plan helps us understand how to better target your ideal buyers, how to create a seamless checkout process and how to complement your branding. The planning phase is the best time to align the brand with your business strategy to create the perfect site architecture for your needs.

Ecommerce Scope

The ecommerce scope of your business is simple: sell. To sell a lot, you need to first understand your customers. Once you know your consumer, we can then tackle how to find, inspire and guide them right to the checkout process.

What do you expect from your ecommerce website? For example: Do you want to accept guest checkouts? Do you want your customers to become loyal fans? Tell us your vision and together we can define the right scope of your ecommerce site.

Our team creates the Statement of Work based on the ecommerce scope to ensure we are in full agreement with the work to be conducted, the timelines and the budget.

Sitemap and wireframing

It’s time to focus on the creation of your ecommerce sitemap. Based on your target audience, we create the perfect user journey for your customers. We brainstorm to ensure the site architecture is suitable for your ecommerce business.

Wireframing is of utmost importance when it comes to ecommerce design. The wireframe is a blueprint for the website as it visually displays the architecture. It’s a great time to clarify all features and make sure you have the right conversions path (funnels) in place. We can also double check links, images and product placements.

UX and the Checkout Process

If your website has the right visuals but the wrong checkout process, your conversion rate will be low. That’s why you need our UX designers to ensure your checkout process is well thought through and seamless. The perfect checkout process should be well optimised for all devices, quick and easy to understand. We design your checkout process with your target audience in mind, in order for your abandoned cart rate to decrease, and your conversion rate to soar.

Content Strategy

A great product needs to be accompanied by high-quality imagery and top notch marketing content. You need to convince your customer to buy your product and in order to do so, you can use media and crafted content to target your audience. With the sitemap, wireframes and the right checkout process in mind, we encourage you to define the content you want your buyers to see.

Remember that SEO is incredibly important as you want people to both find your website and buy your products. The information on your website should be well organised and fully defined. Your content should cater to your audience’s needs and be tailored to the keywords they most likely search for. Your ecommerce site is there to provide a solution, and your content should be the first step towards customer acquisition.

Visual design

Our designers now have all the necessary resources to begin creating your ecommerce site designs. The designs are always fully responsive and well optimised for mobile conversion, providing the best experience for users no matter what device they are using.

We encourage that your ecommerce site uses high-quality images to truly bring your products to life. From colours, through fonts, to perfecting element sizes, our designers ensure your ecommerce is there to guide your buyer towards the checkout process.

Your ecommerce site will beautifully complement your brand and help you maximise conversion.


We start by creating the development and staging environments. The development environment is the space we use to build and test your ecommerce website based on the functional specifications. As we progress, we periodically update the staging environment which you have access to and ask for your feedback. Having access to your website during the development process helps us identify issues and fix them early on. We understand that the project can evolve during early development and are happy to accommodate changes.

This process also allows us to create prototypes and demos to show you how your idea might work in real life and quickly iterate and update them based on your feedback.

Once we are ready with the development, we do rigorous testing on the website to ensure all functionality is working as expected.

Testing and Feedback

Once we are ready with the development, we do rigorous testing on the ecommerce website to ensure all functionality is working as expected. We don’t leave anything to chance so our team comes together to make sure all is perfect. We test every process from the perspective of your ideal buyer.

Your feedback is of utmost importance so we are always happy to make tweaks until you are 100% satisfied.

Our project manager runs through the statement of work with you and makes any additions or corrections as necessary.


Your ecommerce website is now ready. It’s always exciting to publish a brand new website. We move the ready website from the development environment to its live environment which we have configured and optimised beforehand. Once we are satisfied that all configuration is correct and everything is ready to go, we switch your new website live. We do another round of testing and monitor your website to ensure optimal performance.

It's time to celebrate new successes and start selling through your fantastic new ecommerce store.