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Website Development

A highly optimised website with standardised code can help you outclass your competitors. Your business needs a fully responsive website which is fast, reliable, and targets the right audience. Having the right backend drives productivity, whilst a well-built frontend increases customer satisfaction. Your well-built website will help you achieve your marketing and SEO goals.

Allow your customers to find your website 24/7 without boundaries. This can lead to passive income and will enable your prospective buyers to be kept up to date with your new offers, products and promotions. Your website acts as the first, digital impression of your business, hence providing a user-friendly, personalised experience is crucial to standing out in a busy digital space.


  • Drupal 7, 8
  • Wordpress
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Custom Module Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • API Integration
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Frontend optimisation
  • Logo & Website Design
  • SEO Audit & Services
  • Security Audit
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance

From brief to launch

It’s time for your business to reach online audiences through a fully optimised, user-friendly and comprehensive website. We create custom functionality and build modules to bring your ideas to life, which in turn allow your customers to become loyal promoters of your brand.

Creative brief

Whether you are a new business or an established entrepreneur, we want you to talk us through your end goals. During this stage, we create personas and the in-depth competitor analysis. We take time to understand your brand attributes and draft the creative brief. All these help us clearly identify goals to make sure the project is successful right from the start.

Business Scope

We are here to help you guide through this process, as this is sometimes one of the most challenging parts of the project. What starts with one single goal, might expand or evolve during the design process. This is why it is important to ensure your brand is strong, defined and it is aligned with your target audience right from the beginning.

Your requirements are fully outlined in the Statement of Work, including a realistic timeline and a set budget. This helps everyone stay focused on the task and goals at hand.

User Experience

Once we understand your goals and are fully aligned with the scope, we create a sitemap. This is the foundation of your website and it helps give our designers and developers a clear understanding of the information architecture. We then build the wireframe which helps provide a framework for the site’s visual design and content elements.
Both sitemaps and wireframes, allow us to identify and resolve potential challenges during the website development. 

Content Strategy

Content creation is one of the most important phases of the project. Written content helps engage readers and drives them to take the steps which fulfil your business goals. Well tailored content can be a fantastic SEO boost as there is nothing better for your business than organic traffic. With clear business goals in mind, we ensure that important keywords are accounted for during development and strategically placed throughout your site.

Visual Design

It’s time to put together the visuals for your website. Our designers take into account all the previous steps, to ensure the guidelines are followed. The design process is shaped by your current branding elements, colours, fonts and logos. The aim is to enhance and complement your branding and to further iterate and better establish your company’s identity through the visuals of your website.

Captivating media is known to increase clicks, engagement and ultimately, revenue. We can assist you in creating photographic journeys to provide an outstanding, fully immersive experience for your customers. Remember that large, albeit beautiful, images can slow down a site. That’s why we provide the latest technology to optimise and compress media without losing quality.

A beautiful website is the perfect way to communicate and appeal to your target audience.


Our development team always strives to deliver high-quality, maintainable code no matter how trivial the task. The team always evaluates and selects the best platform for your current and future business needs.

We start by creating the development and staging environments. The development environment is the space we use to build and test your website based on the functional specifications. As we progress, we periodically update the staging environment which you have access to and ask for your feedback. Having access to your website during the development process helps us identify issues and fix them early on. We understand that the project can evolve during early development and are happy to accommodate changes.

This process also allows us to create prototypes and demos to show you how your idea might work in real life and quickly iterate and update them based on your feedback.

Once we are ready with the development, we do rigorous testing on the website to ensure all functionality is working as expected.

Testing & Feedback

At this stage, the team gets together to review the newly built website. We use the previously created personas to test the usability of the site. We ensure all visuals match the wireframes and the site architecture.

Small tweaks are often made at this stage until everyone is 100% satisfied with the results.

Our project manager runs through the statement of work with you and makes any additions or corrections as necessary.


It’s always exciting to publish a brand new website. During this process, we move the now ready website from the development environment to its live environment which we have configured and optimised beforehand. Once we are satisfied that all configuration is correct and everything is ready to go, we switch your new website to live. We do another round of testing and monitor your website to ensure optimal performance.

It's time to celebrate new successes and start attracting new customers with your newly built website!