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Our team takes pride in delivering intelligent solutions, award winning designs and clean, maintainable code. We excel in development whether it is front-end, Drupal or Magento.

Mad Greens

Marley Hodgson and Dan Long, lifelong friends and chefs, founded Colorado-based MAD Greens in 2004. They were intent on addressing the lack of fresh, fast and healthy fare available to the average American consumer. In 2013 AC Restaurant Group — a newly formed Coors family company — has acquired Mad Greens which means that Coors now joins the restaurant chain as CEO. In 2015 MAD Greens chose us to built their new website in Drupal 7. Being able to work with such amazing individuals based on a different continent, was a great opportunity and a fun adventure.


It was 25 years ago when Chatham opened its doors for trading nautical footwear. Quality, durability, marine aesthetics and performance all form an integral part of the Chatham product. Our aim was to create a modern look and feel for their new ecommerce webstore. We wanted big and powerful imagery, detailed product pictures and neutral colors. We rebuilt Chatham in Magento, but not without ensuring greater usability for the customer, easier checkout process and better accessibility.

Rainbow Club

Rainbow Club have been designing, making and colouring handmade satin wedding and occasion shoes since 1986. We imagined the new Rainbow Club to be incredibly modern, light and extravagant. We rebuilt Rainbow Club in Magento with custom integration to their ERP system. This has been a very fun and challanging project, as we truly needed to find a balance between simple and sophisticated in order for the new website to really underline Rainbow's core message to every bride-to-be.

Rainbow Club Microsite

Rainbow Club is an established wedding brand which has a great number of stockists across Europe. In order to address businesses and customers from around the world, Rainbow Club opted for the creation of a microsite. Their presentation only website can be easily translated to different languages and kept up to date by the admins. The microsite uses a number of images through which Rainbow Club presents their new collections and key products.

5280 Denver Magazine

Local magazine for and about the Denver area, includes article descriptions, where to purchase, and subscription details.

Rune Tea

This has been one of our favorite projects to work on given how much we love tea. Rune wanted a beautiful, minimal design with really big imagery to go with their exciting stories about tea history. As a next step they wanted us to go even further and create a strong foundation for their brand, by designing new packaging and logo. We are in the process of developing their ecommerce website in Drupal.